10 days to go! What a Ride!

10 days to go! What a ride! I almost fell in a heap and allowed life to take me off track again. I can honestly say the me I was 1 year ago would have allowed that. I would be safer in the comfort of what I had always known, even though in that space I was unfulfilled, resentful and unhappy. Funny that! That most of us would rather stay in that 'muck', 'stuck' way of being rather than push through what is uncomfortable in the chance of finding the magic of all our hearts desires on the...

My BIG Vision *Dream *Believe *Create *Lead

ca. 2001 --- Woman's Eye and Globes --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis
My Vision is creating an online portal where young girls and women all over the world can access all the tools and support they need to transcend their past traumatic experiences and brighten their future with hope. Focusing on girls growing up in Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse and Women who were these girls and continue the cycle because they don’t know anything else. Programs will include trauma support as well as tools to establish boundaries, values, financial freedom, life pur...

Seven States of Change Challenge – Opportunity to go BIG!

I have always known I was destined for big things. My heart and soul calling out to me for many years to create a Vision so big...However I didn’t know if I was ever going to be able to make my dream a reality. I have had a tough life with little or no support at all. So this really was the impossible dream for a long time for me. In February this year I spent a month in Bali reassessing what I truly wanted and cemented in my mind and heart this Vision was indeed my life purpose. I w...